There is something magical about experiencing an adventure in nature and on the road. The feel of the RV while driving where my path lead me brought excitement and a thrill of adventure. Time away from the busy, technology filled life allows a person to think clearly.

I knew that I needed to take the time while I could. I did not know the COVID would strike.  I got home before the lock downs, and self quarantined to be sure I was OK.

COVID Lock down

In these COVID-19 pandemic times, we need to stay home. It is a time to reflect, study, create, and do things you wanted to do but were too busy to do.

Why are some of you afraid to be alone?

To those of you who are afraid to spend time alone with yourself, this is the time to do that. There is nothing to fear. It is a clue that you are not facing yourself, if you cannot be alone. We have heard the saying, "embrace your fears."  This is a time when you can embrace your fear of being alone and learn from it. Be honest with yourself. Avoid "fooling" yourself. Do you need to forgive yourself? Forgive others? It may not be easy, but you can do this.

Social Media and Grammar

Winter is here in the North Woods

After an adventure to the Badlands and the Black Hills, I returned home to find Winter came early.  A blanket of snow covers my woods, and the temperature stays well below freezing.  I do love this time of year.

Deer, squirrels, and birds enjoy the treats that seem to "magically" show up in the yard.

Autumn in the North Woods is BEAUTIFUL!

November 2018

RV adventure

Make the most of each day while you are here on Earth. Be kind to each other.

Commonly known as Devils Tower, it is historically known as Bear Lodge by local tribes.  

October 2018

My Notes

The trees started changing in late August, and now in October they are shades of yellow, orange, red, and green.

In recent years the lack of proper education is showing on social media. People who grew up speaking, reading, and writing English as a first language have no excuse for some of the mistakes that are commonly written.

Possessive vs. Plural

Apostrophe S is possessive not plural. In other words, if you add an apostrophe, it indicates possessive…belonging to.  Just an “s” is plural.

Tom’s car is painted blue. – Tom owns the car.

Tom’s shoes are in his closet. – Tom owns the shoes. Shoes with an “s” is plural. That means more than one.

The students went on a field trip. – More than one student went on a field trip.

The students’ back packs are in the classroom. – More than one backpack belonging to more than one student.

The teacher’s book is on her desk. – The book belongs to the teacher.

The CEOs went to a meeting. – More than one CEO went to a meeting.

The CEO’s agenda is posted.  – The agenda belongs to the one CEO.


Just because words sound alike, does not mean the spelling is the same.


to  - toward something

two  - quantity

too  - also

there - location

their - belonging to them

they're -  contraction for "they are"