Autumn in the North Woods is BEAUTIFUL!

The trees started changing in late August, and now in October they are shades of yellow, orange, red, and green.

November 2018

October 2018

Spring cleaning and Closing DoorS

We all know the saying, "when a door closes, another one opens." The older I get, the more I see how true it is. Sometime we really want something to happen for us, and when it does not, we get sad or disappointed. I have found that those closed doors are blessings. The different route taken due to a closed door often turns out to be amazing...beyond what one even imagined. 

Door closing can be for a variety of things. Sometimes we are the one closing the door to negative people. Sometime others close the door on us, and we find that the person or group is not the nice, upstanding, and kind folk that we thought they were. So we can count our blessings when the door is closed. And when free of the negativity, amazing, kind, and enlightened people show up in our life. How wonderful! 

Business Decisions

Creating is important to me. It is enjoyable as long as there is minimal pressure. I have made the decision to minimize the number and type of Craft Show/Fairs where I sell my creations. I also want to spend more time writing and working with my backlog of photography. 

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April - Warmer :-)

April and Spring is here most of the time. However, earlier this month when the snow was nearly melted away, we got a blizzard in the true sense of the word. Well over a foot of snow in 24 hours at my house. By the end of the week, the snow was melting again. It's been pretty outside. 

Today is blue sky. The plants show signs of springtime because little buds are detectable.

Missing my RV!

One drawback to living up in snow and sub-zero country is not being able to use my RV. I would love to go on some adventures, but alas it will not happen until the weather consistently is above freezing and the roads are safer. 

My Notes

December 2018

It was a treat to see the baby doe grow. The young doe that lost her mother is doing fine. 

Squirrels enjoy the treats we put out in the feeders.

Winter is here in the North Woods

After an adventure to the Badlands and the Black Hills, I returned home to find Winter came early.  A blanket of snow covers my woods, and the temperature stays well below freezing.  I do love this time of year.

Deer, squirrels, and birds enjoy the treats that seem to "magically" show up in the yard.


This winter seems to have hit all around the country. Even California seems to have the return of a real winter -- albeit extreme. I saw a video of raging torrents rushing through the Palm Springs valley. It even snowed in the Los Angeles low lands. (As we know, the LA mountains get snow in the winter.)

At the end of January I got to experience -60 F WC out side.  Yes MINUS 60 degrees Fahrenheit!  Yes, that was the wind chill, but the real temp was about -45 F.  Windchill is important up here in the North Woods. My house showed the extreme cold with the frost freezing shut my back slider and front door.

Big time adjustment for living up here.

  • Savor the days where it is tolerable to be outside. The sunny days are just beautiful. The days when the roads are clear are good opportunities to get into town for errands.
  • Have a good snow plow service. Snow is heavy. Shoveling the walk way is just fine and good exercise, but a long driveway needs a real snow plow. I use the one my neighbors use.
  • Let your body adapt to the cold. My house stays in the low to mid 60s F because anything above that literally feels HOT. The human body can and does adapt to climate changes. I went in a house where the person keeps the heater at 70 F, and it was so hot that it was uncomfortable -- many of the visitors had to take all their layers off to t-shirts.
  • Enjoy the wild life. The squirrels, birds, deer, and even a fox appreciate the winter blend of seeds and treats. It is such a treat to see them enjoy the various feeding stations.‚Äč