Weaving and fabric arts

I started weaving when I was a small child. My parents gave me an EZ Weaver for Christmas. I loved it. I still have my first weaving.

In recent years, I decided to get back to weaving. After purchasing a 20" Cricket rigid heddle loom, I got busy. Weaving provided a meditative relaxation for me. I made curtains, clothing, place mats, and more. Working in a high stress, exciting, cutting edge technology company, the relaxation part of life was essential.

With skills expanding, in 2017 I purchased a 48" Ashford rigid heddle loom. The world opened up! 

Creating lovely things by hand is relaxing and rewarding. In our busy lives, it is important to make time for our creative side.

Anthropologist - Truth Seeker  - World Traveler - Artist - Writer


A person can expand their awareness when they travel. 

The experiences reflect in my creations. I create jewelry, weavings, wall art, and more.

I have an RV now, and hope to revisit areas in the United States.

Roslyn Chapel, Scotland


Bavarian Alps

Northern Ireland



Edinburgh, Scotland

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